My name is Lori.

For the past several years I've had a recurrent dream about traveling the world and writing about it.  When a dream is recurrent, you must listen to it.

In September 2010, I finished my Army obligation, applied to eight graduate writing programs, completed the last credits toward my (other) degree, obtained a passport and a visa, suspended my cell phone, put my possessions in storage, and departed for Delhi, India (the first stop on my RTW adventure).

My RTW trip ended 19 weeks, 19 countries and 48 cities later, but I'm still traveling (domestically, for now) and writing about my Random Road Revelations.

My writing is a mixture of tourist information, spiritual and philosophical ramblings, and history.  I hope that by sharing my Random Road Revelations that I can inspire you in some small way.  I'm not sure in what way, but I'll try to write the most honest words that I know...


This blog is dedicated to my Uncle David who inspired me with tales of his RTW trip at age 29.  To my parents who were determined that their daughters see all 48 contiguous American states, who took us on a road trip every summer in lieu of buying a second car, a bigger house, or cable.  And to a tarot card reader in Bisbee, Arizona and a palm reader in Varanasi, India who told me that I needed to follow my dream and write for a living.