I would consider myself a relatively courageous woman.  I was in the Army for five years, I've deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months, I've run five marathons, completed a half Ironman, and I've lived alone (in a dangerous, non too respectable neighborhood where I carried pepper spray).  But nonetheless, I admit it, international travel scared me.

I desperately wanted to see all that the world had to offer but, as a woman, I felt that it was unsafe for me to travel (especially to "exotic" locales), let alone by myself.  I found myself resenting my male friends and relatives for how "easy" I imagined that they had it.  So, instead of going to India as a solo traveler (which I prefer), I began my trip with a tour group.

I'm grateful for the courageous women I met in India.  A lot of them have traveled extensively, and by themselves.  As I listened to their experiences, and ventured out alone in India, my confidence grew.

So, random revelation #391 is as follows:  women can travel anywhere on the globe.  They can travel anywhere alone.  And they can do it safely and smartly.

I hope that these links help and inspire women travelers.  Check back as I update.


1.  Wanderlust and Lipstick (http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/).  The premier website for women travelers.

2.  Journey Woman (http://www.journeywoman.com/).

3.  Women on the Road (http://www.women-on-the-road.com/).  Just found this one, and it looks promising!

4.  Almost Fearless (http://almostfearless.com/).  This fearless female quit her corporate job, sold all of her possessions, and became a freelance travel writer.  I want her job.

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