Friday, 1 April 2011

Petra, Jordan

So, OMG, where to begin.  Petra. 

Before this trip, I'd never even heard about Petra.  My sister found out about Petra through a Lonely Planet guidebook, told me about this ancient desert city (and the fact that it was featured in Indiana Jones) and I was on board.

Before I go further, here is the Indiana Jones theme song to hype you up:

A gift shop by the entrance.  Of course the tourist industry is monopolizing on the Indy connection. 

Then when I was traveling through India with a bunch of ladies that were all seasoned travelers, I realized Petra was like a seasoned travelers' secret.  All the people that had been to 30, 40, 50, 60 countries (no, I'm not kidding...these bastards exist) knew about Petra.

Walking into Petra.  Note the beautiful rock formations, and the Muslim school girls on a field trip to Petra.

Looking up.  Breathtaking.

A vendor at Petra is selling frankincense and myrrh. 

Petra is the top tourist attraction in Jordan.  It was established in 6th century BC by the Nabataeans (ancient Arabs that lived in the region corresponding to present day Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, etc.).  The Nabataeans built a vast system of dams, cisterns, and water conduits in Petra, in effect creating an artificial oasis in their desert city.  

Al Khazneh (aka. The Treasury) is the most recognized structure in Petra (and the building Indy travels to in order to find the Holy Grail). 

 Camel in front of The Treasury.

Kitten giving itself a bath in front of The Treasury.

Me with the camels.

We walked about six miles through Petra.  It was a joy.  

If you like Indiana Jones, the desert, archeology, or just want a good workout visit Petra!

Jordanian flag waving proudly within Petra.

I climbed a little rock face for the view.

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