Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jerash, Jordan

Forty-eight kilometers north of Amman in the direction of Syria lies the city of Jerash, Jordan.

Jerash was our first taste of Jordan.


Within Jerash are the ruins of Gerasa, an ancient Greco-Roman city.

Man in Greco-Roman decor.

Gerasa was inhabited during the Bronze Age (3200 BC-1200 BC) and is part of The Decapolis (a group of 10 cities that were on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire).

Oval Forum

Cardo Maximus.

The South Theatre

The Hippodrome

Gerasa is known colloquially as "The Antioch on the Golden River."  (Antioch is an ancient city along the Orontes river in Turkey.  The "Golden River" is a nickname for the Wadi Jerash or Chrysorhoas River, a tributary of the Wadi Zarqa).

Creepy Jordanian millipede (they are everywhere in Gerasa).

The Cardo Maximus through an archway.

An engineering marvel.

Brilliant city, brilliant day.

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