Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Have you ever wanted to hit a child?

I did, today.  Yep, child abuse was almost committed on the beaches of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

 Beach bum.

That "child" was 10-years-old.  His gang of friends started playing ball five feet away from my towel.  After getting splashed, trampled, and hit with their tennis ball at least 12 times in an hour, all humor and tolerance was gone.  The next time that tennis ball struck me in the noggin' and came to rest a few inches from my shoulder, I rolled over on top of it.

 Hoodlums with tennis ball.

When I woke up 10 to 15 minutes later, a small crowd of 10-year-old hoodlums were clustered around my towel talking nervously in Croatian.  If I had been a man, there would have had no qualms about reaching underneath me and retrieving the ball.  But since that ball was now wedged under a female chest, they did not know what to do.

After a few minutes, I started to feeling like a bonafide a-hole, so I relented and returned the ball.

Since that encounter in Dubrovnik, children have been everywhere...

Annoying child # 78

Screaming in the surf.  Throwing temper tantrums in the street when Mama won't buy them a lollipop.  Squabbling over who gets to play with Teddy Bear.  Stomping their feet.  And generally making me thankful that I don't have any kiddos...yet.

I don't feel like a "real woman" sometimes because, right now, I'd rather travel and write than be a parent...

On my list of Eight Things I Wish I´d Known When I was 18, I list as # 2:  "There are absolutely no rules to the game of life."  But living life by your own rules, by what feels right for you can be difficult.  There are days when being a childless woman nearing 30 makes me feel weird, even though I know I am following my dreams.

Living a less conventional life is something I ponder often on this trip... 

But, more on Dubrovnik.  It is a city in southern Croatia along the Adriatic Sea.  With a population of only 44,000, Dubrovnik has a rather laid back feel and is a great place to wile away a couple of days as a beach bum.  The city is known internationally for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a 45-day cultural event that features concerts, plays and athletic events.

Harbor in the Dubrovnik Old City.

 Another harbor picture.  That is Lokrum island in the background.

Besides a vibrant beach scene (nude and non nude variety), the other thing to do in Dubrovnik is visit the Old City.  It's a seaside fortress filled with churches, art galleries, restaurants, cafes and so much more.

It is time to head to Venice so I have to cut this short, but more to follow...

Entrance to the Old City.

Street in the Old City.

Church in the Old City.

Beautiful views abound.

Me carrying a bottle of vino to the hostel.

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